UFC 168: Anderson Silva Is Fractured And Weidman Retains Title; Rousey Miesha Tate Defeats

Posted On 29 Dec 2013
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After a main card for the story, it was time for the main event of the UFC 168 with Chris Weidman (10-0) defending his crown against the legendary Anderson Silva (33-5), who sought his revenge on the only man who had defeated in his UFC career.

The event took place at the Grand Garden Arena MGM Grand Hotel in the city of Las Vegas, home to many UFC fights and boxing. The place could be none other than the legend of the game and the atmosphere was one difficult to compare, maybe just with UFC 100 in July 2009. Anderson came first and Chris arrived with the American flag on top.

After ringing the bell, both came out tentative, went to the cage, Weidman sought and got his takedown and when they went up, and hit the champion took Silva to the canvas, to punish top with both hands, using strong elbows. Silva recovered to connect some punches from the bottom and finish with two kicks that were bled champion.

In the second round, came out again with pause, they throwing punches up and kicks down without much aim and, in a very unfortunate situation, kicked down Silva hit leg champion and was injured in a horrible manner, breaking the leg, to end the fight right there by the referee Herb Dean, who gave the victory to Weidman by TKO at 1:16 started the assault.

The atmosphere after injury was of grief, sadness and uncertainty, as there is the possibility that we have seen the last in the career of the greatest fighter in the history of UFC and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA by its acronym in English). If so, it remains to remove his hat and remind the Brazilian legend.

Weidman, meanwhile, remained unbeaten and his title and now awaits another Brazilian, Vitor Belfort in a battle that looks great.

Again, if this is the last picture of the “Spider” Silva, I think what you need to do is remember his career, his record, knockouts and submissions, to honor one a long time ago and made history. He has simply been the Picasso of MMA.

To summarize, the last event of 2013 left an impressive billboard, all to remember and now the next event is the UFC Fight Night Saffiedine vs Lim on 4 January in Singapore.

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