UN Recommends Sex Education In Schools From The Age Of 12

Sex education should be “in house” but also “in school.”

The United Nations, through the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday the importance of providing sex education in schools from 12 years to become familiar with the use of contraceptives.

This guideline is part of the new recommendations published this week by the UN agency on access to contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies and information regarding sex education.

“Research shows that the best age is from 12 or 13, but can now (…) starting at age 10,” he said during a press conference the director of the Department of Reproductive Health at WHO.

Sex education should be “in house” but also “in school”, since “most parents do not realize it at home,” especially in Africa, told AFP.

Some 222 million women and young people do not wish to become pregnant or want to delay that moment without contraception, according to WHO.

The UN agency further that all persons interested in the use of contraceptives can have access to information about the different methods recommended.

With these measures, the WHO expects teens to be able to use them without parental consent.

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