US Senate Approves 3.8 Trillion Budget Plan Requiring Cut Social Spending

Posted On 28 Mar 2015
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Tag: US Senate approves 3.8 trillion budget

The US Senate approved during the early hours of Friday after a marathon sitting, a draft budget resolution for the next fiscal year by putting dozens of amendments, text to be reconciled with the already approved by the House of Representatives this week.

With a score of 52 votes in favor and 46 against, the approval of budget of 3.8 billion dollars is a victory of Republican opposition, which since January has returned to control the Senate.

“The Senate Democratic majority refused for years not only to pass a balanced budget, but any budget,” said Republican leader, Mitch McConnell, after the vote.

“Those days have ended and proof of this is the adoption of a balanced plan with ideas that independent analysts say Congress will boost jobs, increase revenue and will enhance economic growth,” he added.

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