US To Document Grumbling Over ‘Unsafe’ Intercept By Russian Warrior Plane

Posted On 14 Apr 2015
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After a Russian warrior plane blocked a U.S. surveillance plane in a “hazardous and amateurish way” recently, the United States is griping to Moscow about the episode.

On Tuesday, a U.S. RC-135U was flying over the Baltic Sea when it was captured by a Russian SU-27 Flanker. The Pentagon said the occurrence happened in worldwide airspace north of Poland.

The U.S. group accepted the Russian pilot’s activities were “hazardous and amateurish because of the forceful moves it performed in close nearness to their flying machine and its high rate of pace,” Pentagon representative Mark Wright said.

Russian state news organization Sputnik reported the U.S. plane was flying toward the Russian outskirt with its transponder exchanged off, as per a Defense Ministry representative. Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said the Russian plane flew around the U.S. plane a few times to distinguish it and get its tail number.

An authority with the U.S. European Command said the case that the transponder was off was false.

Wright said the Pentagon and State Department will “record the suitable appeal to through conciliatory channels” with Russia.

This is not the first run through the U.S. has griped about an occurrence including a RC-135U and a SU-27. A year prior, a Russian plane flew inside 100 feet of a RC-135U over the Sea of Okhotsk in the western Pacific, as indicated by U.S. authorities who called it “a standout amongst the most unsafe close goes in decades.” The Pentagon whined to the Russia military about that episode.

Russian and U.S. airplane frequently experience one another, both in Northern Europe and additionally the region between the Russian Far East and Alaska.

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