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United States airways is one of the main USA airlines which was founded in 1979 with the name of USA air. The fleet contains 338 mainline jet and 285 regional jet and turbo aircrafts. It provides services between 204 destinations all over the world. The slogan of the company is “fly with us”. The headquarters is in Tempe, Arizona, USA. It is a member of star alliance network and serving the people for last many years. According to the statistics of 2012 USA airways has 32,306 employees at local as well as international destinations. The daily flights which are being operated by the USA airlines are 3,197.


USA Airways, main USA airlines is linked to All American Aviation Inc, which was founded by du Pont family brothers. The headquarters of the company was in Pittsburg, and it served at different level by undergoing different changes with the passage of time. Its name was also being changed with the passage of time. Its position was being developed regularly that in 1972 it has become one of the largest airlines in the country.

In 1979 the name of USA airlines was changed to USAir following the Airline Deregulation Act. The destinations were growing and the airline was adding new and latest aircraft’s in its fleet. Boeing 737-300 was brought in the fleet along with some fast aircraft’s. In 1986 different airlines such as USAir and Pacific Southwest Airlines and Piedmont Airlines were merged. It was a largest merger of any airline in the history. USAir has become the largest airline in the world which was operating 5,000 flights daily. In 1990 the headquarters of the airline have been consolidated from Washington Airport into Crystal City which was adjacent to the airport.

In 1990 the flight of USAir were expanded to Europe, London, Frankfurt and Paris. British airways invested huge amount in USAir. In 1996, the partnership was ended in a court battle. In the same year name of the USAir was changed to US Airways. In 1996 an order of 400 airbuses was placed to increase the fleet of the airline. In 1998 an order of 30 Airbus A330 was placed. The USA airlines started to earn profit since 1990. In the start of 2000 the air bus was redesigned to make it more efficient. In 2004 USA airlines was declared bankrupt which was for the second time in two years.

USA airlines is one of the most advanced and latest airline which provides service to the different states of America and to the international countries. The destinations which it covers are large in number with quality service. It is an old airline which passes through different developmental stages and now it is a great airline. The new and latest aircraft’s are being added in the fleet to make the journey more comfortable. The carrier is one of the largest carriers in the world. In the start of 21st century different joint ventures took place and ultimately United States airlines came into existence.

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