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Posted On 22 Sep 2013
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USA citizenship provides specific rights, duties and privileges legally to the inhabitants of the country. It is a “right to have rights “to attain government support to live and work in United States of America. There are two sources to get USA citizenship; by birth and the second is naturalization. In first method a person is assumed to be a USA citizen if he or she is born in the territorial limits of USA while in the process of naturalization a person applies for the citizenship and is accepted. Both these ways are mentioned in the Citizenship Clause of the constitution.


USA citizenship defines your relation with the government of USA and the citizen is affected by tax decisions and the benefits provided by the government. If someone is interested in political seats such as senator then he or she must be USA citizen. Mostly people complete the process of naturalization to obtain the permission to live and work in the country. The concept of multiple citizenship is also popular in United States that a citizen of a country may retain its previous citizenship after having the citizenship of America. There are different scenarios regarding the reverse process of USA citizenship; a person obtains the citizenship of another country then in some cases he or she cannot maintain the citizenship of USA. The citizenship can be restored or renounced by a citizen.

USA citizenship gives you legal status in the country and in this way you have the right to live and work without any fear of deportation. There is great effect of citizenship on the duties and privileges of a citizen. The tax is imposed on every USA citizen when he or she crosses the exempt limit so a USA citizen becomes a taxpayer after crossing a particular limit. USA citizenship provides following benefits;

  1. A USA citizen has the right to reside and work in the country like non-citizens but permanent residents of country. But the non citizen may be deported if involved in a serious crime.
  2. A USA citizen has the right to enter or leave USA freely. Similar rights are observed for the non-citizen but permanent residents.
  3. The voting in fifty states and in the District of Columbia is restricted to the citizens only. States related departments or organization are not allowed for everyone to participate without having a citizenship.
  4. In past it was allowed in some states to participate in non-citizenship voting but now it is restricted to state level or at local elections in the state.
  5. All members of the US House of Representative and senators must be USA citizens for seven or nine years.
  6. USA citizenship provides the right to sponsor your relatives to abroad in USA. There are some visas which require direct citizenship of USA.
  7. USA citizenship protects you against deportation so it is a kind of protection.

These are only a few benefits of being a USA citizen but many benefits are hidden which are only experienced when you are a USA citizen.

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