USA Government

USA government is federal government of the country having fifty states, a capitol district and many other territories. There are three branches of the federal government that is executive, legislative and judicial. The power of these branches is divided among the US Constitution, the President, the congress, the federal courts and supreme courts. The power is subdivided by the Congress to the executive departments and courts.

“The United States of America” is the name of the country written in the constitution. The same name appears in legal cases, treaties and on money. This name is used to represent federal government and to differentiate it from the governments of the states. In normal documents or cases “Federal Government” is used and sometimes it is also called the “National Government”. The word of National or Federal is used to represent federal government. The capitol of the country is in Washington D.C.


The USA government was formed in 1789 which made it one of the modern nations having complete constitution. The principle of federalism is the basic of USA government because the power is shared among the federal government and state governments. The powers are described in constitution that what rights should be given to the federal government and what to the states. There is proper check and balance to control the rights of states.

The president nominates the judges for the court but they must be approved from the Congress and USA government. According to the constitution of USA congress has powers and rights to take part in the administration of the country. There are 435 members of the House of Representatives which are elected for the duration of 2 years. Each state of USA has at least one member in the house. Any U.S citizen who is 25 years old can be elected as a member of house for seven years. A representative can be elected for many times to serve the nation. There are six non-voting members out of the 435 members.

In Senate two representatives from each state are elected without depending on the population of the state. There are 100 senators in the senate who are elected for six years. Elections are held after every two years where one third of the senate stands for election.

There are certain powers of senate because it has to approve presidential appointments, federal judges, cabinet officers, U.S military and naval officers, department secretaries and ambassadors to the foreign countries. The bills which generate revenue are put in the House of Representatives to discuss by the USA government. Both chambers have to approve bills for legislation. The Congress is very powerful and the rest of the power is distributed among the states and people. There are proper clauses which allow congress to make laws for the country. The members of the senate and House are elected by voting in every state.

In short the power required to every department, congress, house or president is given according to the constitution. Each department or individual works by living within its own limit and boundaries.