USA History

The history of United States of America was started in 1492 with Christopher Columbus when he discovered Caribbean island and meet the people over there. It has got the status of an independent nation in July 4, 1776. The Pacific and Gulf coasts were populated with European colonists but major settlement of English was on Atlantic coast which was started in 1607. The 2.5 million people of thirteen colonies were living a prosperous life and started to develop their own legal and political systems. Britain started to impose additional tax on them to meet the expenditures of World War II. They have appointed armed forces in colonies to protect the people. It was a kind of threat for the American government so ultimately lead to a war in 1775 which is a crucial part of USA history.

USA was declared independent in July 1776 and France played a vital role to support America financially and with military. George Washington was the war hero and became the first president of America. In USA history, a political party established in 1790 and a second war again Britain started in 1812. Abraham Lincoln played an important role in the elections of 1860. A war between America and Germany started in 1917 and the national did not accept the President Woodrow Wilson’s leadership. The world had to face great depression in 1929 with the crash of Wall Street.


Japan attack in December 1941 at Pearl Harbor so it was the entrance of US in World War II with its allies.  There were two super powers at that time namely Soviet Union and United States after World War II so a cold war took place among them. In 1940 the efforts of Americans helped to improve the economic condition of Western Europe. The US remained involved in the wars in Vietnam and Korea which covered a considerable part in USA history. The cold war ended when Soviet Union was dissolved in 1991 so USA was the only superpower now in the world. The economy of US was satisfactory but the conflict returned in 2001 after the incident of Trade center destruction.

It is not confirmed that when Native Americans settled in America or USA for the first time. But it is common that a large number of people migrated from other parts of the worlds, from other states and settled in the United States. This migration took place in nearly 30,000 years ago in USA history. In November 1493 Spanish explorers accompanied Christopher Columbus.

A few Dutch and Swedes were settled primarily along the Eastern seacoast. The first English colony was established in 1607. The commercial agriculture of the country was based on tobacco. In 17th century the main conflict between the Americans and English was the war of King Philip. In 1740, the religious revivals were led by Jonathan Edwards.

The government structure of each American colony was different from the other. The governor was the ruler and administrator of a colony who was appointed from London. In 18th century the American colonies were being expanded successfully because of prosperity of the people. Their economical condition was good from most of the Britain parts and the death rate was also low which did not happen earlier in USA history. The Britain force protected America against the militaries of France and Germany. These threats were ended in 1765 and the country declared independent in 1776.