USA Maps

USA is situated in North America and is called United States. It consists of 50 states and covers the total area of 3679245 sq miles. The population of USA was 281,421,906 in 2000 census. There are 79.6 persons on average per square mile. In 2003 the estimated population of the country was 291,587,000.

The USA is bordered with Canada on the North, by Mexico on South and the Bahamas on the southeast. Alaska a state of USA is bordered with Canada on the East and Russia on the west. The map also shows the relation of the country with its neighbor hood countries. The names and boundaries of each state are shown in the map. The USA maps are available on internet in printable form showing the main cities, capitals and other highways which are being passed in the country.  It is really fun to locate different states or cities in the map of USA and one can memorize it with fun. Here are some tips to memorize it easily.



  1. It is wrong to draw lines or borders of each state because it can frustrate you.
  2. Try a blank map with lines because it will help as you are working on a tracing.
  3. After drawing neat lines write names of the states on it.
  4. There are different USA maps available on internet try which is simpler.
  5. Don’t remember the names of states but try to think that we are here at this state to enjoy and then on the other.
  6. Make a string by composing the first or main letter from the name of each state and in this way there would be fewer strings to remember but they would describe 50 states.
  7. You can work on USA maps by going continent wise instead of any other method.
  8. Once you have remembered then you need to revise it again and again because it will make some practice and you will learn USA maps easily.
  9. Don’t worry if your drawing is not good so you can try it again and again. There are many websites as well which can help you to learn how to draw a correct map. Kids are taught how to learn and make USA maps drawings. There are software tools which are being used to draw a map. So I would suggest using one if you feel problems.
  10. What is the start and end of the map? In this way you will form a map showing the boundary or start or end of the country.

It is not an easy task to remember the maps of USA easily because it needs practice and good drawing. You should know the situation of the states that where they are and where they should be. What is their all around? So it is a matter of practice and it will lead you toward the right direction. You will easily learn the learning process and maps of USA would be easy to understand whenever they would come in front of you.