USA Presidents

President of the United States of America is the supreme power, head of the stat and government according to the constitution and law of the country. Presidency is recognized as the highest political and governmental office of the country by influence. He is the chief and head of the federal government on the whole. The president is not only the head of the political and administrative office but he is also the commander in chief of the USA armed forces. The USA president is elected for four years indirectly by the parliament house.

In 1951 the constitution of USA was altered due to which no person can be elected as the president of the country for more than twice. If the president of the country is died, resigned or removed from the office then the vice president takes the charge of the office. The age of the US president should be 35 years and he should be a born citizen of United States. The presidents of USA were elected and took charge of their responsibilities according to the constitution of United States. The process of sworn by the USA Presidents started from March 4, 1789.

The office of the president has been sworn by 43 people but 44 presidents because Grover Cleveland served as a president for 22nd and 24th president. The four elected presidents including Zachary Taylor, William Henry, Warren G and Franklin D were died of natural causes in office and the four presidents including Abraham Lincoln, William Mckinley, James Garfield and John Kennedy were assassinated while a president, Richard Nixon resigned from his office. In this way eight USA Presidents left the office due to death while the 9th one resigned.


In 1789, George Washington was elected as the first president of United States. The duration of USA Presidents vary according to different circumstances prevailed in that period of time. In 1841, William Henry spent the shortest period as a president in the office which is 32 days while Franklin D. spent the longest time period which is more than twelve years, but died in his fourth term in 1945.It is the only president of USA who served for more than two terms and alteration in constitutional was also taken place in his period.

In 1828, Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of USA was elected by men of all classes. In 1920, the women of America got the right to vote so Warren Harding was the first USA president who was elected after giving the right to vote to the women of USA. In 1964 Lyndon Johnson was elected as USA president after civil era reforms eliminated. The four USA Presidents John Q, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford B and George W. Bush record the history that they have lost vote. John Kennedy is the only president of USA who belonged to Roman Catholic faith. Similarly the current president of United States, Barrack Obama is the first African American president.  In short there is a long list of USA Presidents who completed their tenure by performing the duties in their offices.