Gerald R Ford

Gerald Ford full name Gerald Rudolph Ford, born on July 14, 1913, Omaha, Nebraska. Died on December 26, 2006, Rancho Mirage, California is an American politician, the 38th U.S. President (1974-1977).

At the birth of the future president was recorded as Leslie Lynch King (Leslie Lynch King), but his parents soon separated and his mother married a small businessman Gerald Ford, who adopted the boy and gave him his name. He was educated at the University of Michigan (1935) and Yale Law School (1941). In 1942-1946 he served in the Navy, took part in the fighting in the South Pacific, reaching the rank of lieutenant commander after demobilization practiced law. In 1948-1973 was elected member of the House of Representatives of the Republican Party, and in 1965-1973 was the leader of the Republican minority in Congress.

October 12, 1973 in connection with the resignation of Spiro Agnew, President Richard Nixon appointed Gerald Ford as vice president in December 1973, Congress approved the decision. August 9, 1974 after the impeachment of Nixon Ford took his post. For the first time in American history has a president who was not elected to either the presidency or the vice-president. A month later, the new president pardoned Nixon, freeing him from criminal responsibility for Watergate dolomite. Ford to the presidency in general, internal and external policies of the previous administration. In particular, he said the desire to preserve the main directions of the foreign policy that emerged in the early 1970s.


President met with Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev near Vladivostok (November 1974) and Helsinki (July-August 1975). However, the Government continued to Gerald Ford‘s line on the strengthening of the military potential of the United States. In 1975, Gerald Ford proclaimed the doctrine of the Pacific, designed to strengthen the U.S. position in South-East Asia and the Pacific. In domestic policy, the main problem for Ford was the crisis in the U.S. economy. His administration has steadily reduced inflation by slowing economic growth, but these steps have led to the production decline (1974-1975) and the rise in unemployment. Many of the Ford met opposition from the Democratic majority of Congress, who sought to extend their authority in the domestic and foreign policy.

In 1975 a multi-year Vietnam War ended with the victory of the Communists. By order of the Gerald Ford of South Vietnam was removed 237,000 Vietnamese-enemies of the Communists. Most of them settled in the United States. In September 1975, Ford survived two attempts on his life. The economic crisis and the effects of the Watergate scandal led to Ford’s defeat in the presidential elections of 1976, when he was a small margin ahead of Democrat Jimmy Carter. In 1980, Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford offered to run for vice president, but that led to their agreement granting him unprecedented powers in the event of victory. Then Reagan offered the post of Vice President George HW Bush. After Ford left office, he lived for 29 years, has died at 94 years old.