John Adams

John Adams was born on 10/30/1735 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He died on 04/07/1826 in Quincy. From 1789 – 1797 he was the first Vice President of the United States of America, and from 1797 – 1801 he was the second President of the United States. His son was the sixth President John Quincy Adams.

John Adams graduated from Harvard College in 1755 the. He then taught at the local school in Worcester. Later, he was a lawyer. He practiced with the firm of Rufus Putnam. In 1758 he joined the Bar Association. Early on, John Adams worked as a writer; he was the formation of colonies in writing in America.


As a constitutional lawyer was John Adams influence on the events of the state, not his cousin Samuel Adams, who was very popular. Adams was in defense of his own ideas brave and determined. This, however, did not inhibit his career in politics.

First, he used his influence during the 1765 debates to the Stamp Act, in the background of the Whigs. He wrote in the House of Representatives of Massachusetts, the messages to Brain tree.

In 1765, he wrote four articles, all anonymously in the Boston Gazette. In these articles, he laid the conflict between individualism and domination represents In 1765 John Adams wrote a speech that was intended for the governor. In it, he described the new Stamp Act as not right, because Massachusetts had no representatives in Parliament.

From 1774 – 1775 Adams was a member of the Continental Congress. With the intention to achieve that unite the colonies, in 1775; he supported the appointment to the post of army commander of Washington. He drove the independence of the 13 colonies staying on. In 1776 he defended the resolution of R.H. Lee before Congress.

John Adams in 1776 was appointed to a committee, which includes Franklin, Jefferson and Livingston and Sherman belonged. They had the task of drafting the Declaration of Independence. Adams had the largest share of the debates, even if the statement was written by Jefferson.

John Adams defeated by 71 votes in the 1796 presidential elections Jefferson, who received only 68 votes. The earlier ruling President Washington had renounced his candidacy further.

Adams was in the four years in which he was the chief executive, characterized by many intrigues. 1800 Adams was re-erected by the Federalists as a candidate, but he no longer trusted his own party. Due to its greater popularity Jefferson finally won the elections.

Adams retired now retired from politics, and died on 04.07.1826.