Zachary Taylor

On 24 November 1785-born Barbour, Virginia Zachary Taylor was as successor to James Knox Polk, the 12th President of the United States of America.

Zachary Taylor was the third of nine children of a noble landowner family. After a private school education, mostly from private tutors, but also by family members such as his father, Richard Taylor, the then 17-year-old Taylor decided on a military career.

Known as a daredevil and a gifted commander, he quickly rose to general and celebrated many significant military successes.

Through his achievements as a soldier, he is also a name in conservative and Republican circles that him because of his reputation as a war hero soon lined up for the presidential candidate of the conservative Whig Party in the presidential campaign in 1848 against the Democratic candidate Lewis Class. Zachary Taylor, whose family held the land owners have always been slaves could, through his policies, particularly gain the favor of the rich landowners, so that he could ultimately prevail against Cass, who quickly lost especially in the voices.


Zachary Taylor tried early in the then split into North and South America to bring the unit. Since the main reason of the separation was mainly the approach of States to slavery, it is not surprising that particularly the issue of slavery was the main theme of Taylor’s tenure.

Although Zachary Taylor himself kept slaves, he took a moderate position on this issue and was confident that the “slavery question” should not be a reason for a separation of the United States. According to his military training and where he soon gained dominance even threatened that he would personally take care as the leader of the army that it will come to no further splitting. With his work Taylor is considered one of the major pioneers of the compromise of 1850.

Taylor died during his term of office on 9 July 1850. In Washington, DC, probably due to food poisoning as a result of a feast on the national holiday.