What Did The Gabo Education?

Children play in the garden of the house in which the Nobel Prize Gabriel García Márquez was born Colombian Literature, - now converted into a museum in Aracataca, Department of Magdalena in northern Colombia.

By Ernesto Reitich

In 1994, the government of César Gaviria, convened in Colombia to a mission call, ten sages in order to try to correct the Colombian education.

Gabo wrote at that time the text “For a country the reach of children”, which I will present some excerpts that show the effect of vision and ideas written two decades ago by the genius of Aracataca.

The text, “For a country the reach of children” is mainly the reasons why education in Latin America has not produced the expected results. The Gabo investigates with his masterful narrative full of images, in the elements of our identity, presenting a historical account of our strengths and weaknesses.

“It was a discovered what was then believed world. Incas, with ten million people, had a legendary status well built with monumental cities in the Andean peaks to touch the sun god. Systems had master account and reason and files reports of popular use, that surprised mathematicians of Europe, and a laborious public arts circle, whose magnum opus was the imperial palace garden with trees and animals of gold and silver in full size. Aztecs and Maya had shaped their historical consciousness among sacred pyramids volcanoes, and wise had clairvoyant and craftsmen who were unaware of the industrial use of the wheel, but used in children’s toys emperors. ”

“They had old systems of science and education, and a rich cosmology linked to their great works of goldsmiths and potters inspired his creative maturity proposed incorporate art into everyday life -. Perhaps be the top destination for the arts - and got it with memorable hits, both domestic utensils and how to be gold and gemstones for them they had an exchange value but a cosmological and artistic power, but the Spanish saw them with the eyes of the West.: gold and precious stones to spare to leave office without the alchemists and pave the ways of heaven with four doubloons. That was the reason and the force of conquest and colonization, and the real origin of what we are. ”

García Márquez sees the time of independence, which marks much of what we are today, as a continuation of violence, even where ancestral violence Bolivar and Santander ordered countless shootings. Violence never stopped since the conquest and continued adding to regional and global level.

That congenital violence has created a duality.

“Although we are pioneers of science in America, we continue to see scientists in its medieval state of hermetic witches, when there are very few things in daily life than a miracle of science. At each of us live together, of more arbitrary fashion, justice and impunity, we are fans of legalism, but we wide awake in the soul master hand to circumvent the laws without rape, or rape without punishment. ”

It’s like education for all subsequent years did not exist and follow the “exclusive, formal and self-absorbed colonial society.”

The reality is that in the United States and throughout Latin America continues to be very far from living in a society that thinks a “country of the reach of children to magnify and transform it.”

Education in Latin America and the United States has been highly overtaken by Asian, Indian and some European countries. We are so retarded with respect to the level of these countries, that Obama and this administration are committed to confront and address this problem. Through initiatives such as the new “Common Core” (New Educational Standards) and focus on early education, “Too Small to Fail” (Small and Valuable) United States is seeking to regain its level as a power generating qualified professionals for the future.

Gabo said 20 years ago and his words are more relevant than ever, we seek the answer not only of government but of society and from the same nuclear family.

“… Our conformist and repressive education seems designed for children adjust by force to a country that was not intended for them. Instead of putting the country available to them so that they transform and magnify. Such nonsense restricts congenital creativity and intuition and imagination counteracts premature foresight and wisdom of the heart, until the children forget what they certainly know of Birth. Reality does not end where the texts say that their world is more in tune with nature than adults, and that life would be longer and happier if everyone could work on what you like, and only that. ”

The commitment to our future depends on us and how we educate our children, listen, read and investigate about these great thinkers of the twentieth century, of who, I dare say, were much deeper and slightly insane today.

Before Facebook, Twitter or Wikipedia were our thinkers, writers, journalists and essayists. I invite you to take a look at the work of our Latin American writers and be amazed of its validity.

“We believe that the conditions are ripe as ever for social change, and that education will be your master organ. An education from cradle to grave, unhappy and thoughtful, inspiring us a new way of thinking and incites us to discover who we are in a society’s sake itself That we make the most of our endless creativity, and design ethics -. Perhaps an aesthetic -. To our efforts to outrageous and legitimate self improvement to integrate the sciences and the arts to cart family, according to the designs of a great poet of our time who asked not to continue loving them separately as two enemy brothers. Which channeled to life the immense creative energy that for centuries have squandered predation and violence, and we finally open the second opportunity on earth that did not have the unfortunate Colonel Aureliano Buendía strain on the country prosperous and just dream. Reach of children. ”

Thank Gabo! Happy travels miss your presence, but your letters always is with us.

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