What Is USA

The United States of America commonly known as United States or US is a republic which consists of fifty states and a district. The major part of the country consists of forty-eight states is in North America but Washington DC is situated in between Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The United States of America has many territories in Caribbean and Pacific which form what is USA now. The area of the USA is 3.79 square miles with more than 314 million people. It is the third largest country in the world by both in population and area. USA is full with a large number of multicultural nations belonging to different religions.

In 1942 Christopher Columbus discovered various Caribbean island and meet indigenous people at a land what is USA now.  The natives of the main areas in USA and Alaska are considered that they have migrated from Asia thousands of years ago. The revivalist movements in 1730 and 1740 are considered the main interest without any religious liberty. Except Native Americans the population of the 13 colonies was 2.6 million in 1770. The country was declared independent on July 4, 1776. The country expanded westward gradually. The revolutionary war caused by the tensions between the British and American colonial during the period of 1760. Nixon was the first President of USA in 1974. USA played a vital role in United Nations under the president ship of H.W Bush.


What is USA religion? USA is a secular nation so the constitution of U.S guarantees free exercise of religion. In 2002 Americans understood the importance of religion and now 78.4% are considered Christian and 4.7% belong to other religions including 1.7% Judaism, 0.7% Buddhism, 0.6% Islam, 0.4% Hinduism and 0.3%Universalism.

The US economy is one of the largest national economies with estimated $15.1 GDP. The economic condition of USA is good and the longest economic period in the history of the America is from March 1991 to March 2001 during the administration of Bill Clinton. In September 11, 2001 the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked by the terrorists and nearly 3000 people were killed in this incident. The economy of USA is mixed with natural and abundant resources having 8.2% unemployment, 1.9% GDP growth and 15.1% poverty which indicate its economic condition.   This is the answer of what is USA economy?

In this period of Bush administration a world wide movement was launched against terrorism. The economic downfall of USA was started from this incident of terrorism. In 2008 Brack Obama was elected as a president of USA when there was world wide economic recession prevailed. Major changes in economic and health systems are brought two years later.

USA is a permanent member of United Nations Security Council and UN headquarters are there in New York. The American flag consists of 50 Stars, thirteen horizontal Stripes in Red, White and Blue color. These colors are exact and used to form the American flag. Each star on the flag represents a state of the country and 13 stripes represent 13 British colonies. It is the most recognizable symbol of the American nation. It can be displayed at official and private buildings.

Two party systems worked successfully in the history of United States for a long time. The administrator of the states is elected through general elections. The Democratic Party was founded in 1824 while the Republican Party was founded in 1854. In the political culture of America, the Republican Party is called conservative and the Democratic Party is called liberal. Barak Obama is the 45th president of USA who is the winner of presidential election held in 2012.

What is USA armed force? The president is the commander in chief of the armed forces of the country and appoints its leaders. USA has large aircraft fleet along with a big squad of navy and armed forces. USA has considerable military force which it has started to use against terrorism in different countries of the world. It has global military power which is evident from World War I and Spanish American War. It has emerged as a nuclear power in World War II. USA is spending nearly 41% of its budget on its military and it is a leading political, cultural and economic force in the world.