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Posted On 19 Mar 2015
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Facebook remains one of the most important social networks in the world.

Facebook unveiled what messages, images and other content are allowed in the social network and why. When you update your page Community rules, the world’s largest social network gave users more guidance on what may cause the removal of a message, for example, justify violence and sexual exploitation, discourses of intolerance, criminal activity or harassment.

It also explains why not just blame the terrorist groups and criminal gangs, but also removes the content that supports them.

The company based in Menlo Park, California, said he is not changing the way regulate the content of messages and although some of the rules for users are new, some “are consistent with the standards we have applied in the past “.

In a blog posted on Monday, Facebook said it is a challenge to maintain a set of standards that meet the needs of its entire community. Over 80% of users are outside the United States and Canada.

“They depending on the context in which they were formed, people may have a different view on what is appropriate to share: the video of a joke can be annoying for a person, but maybe not violate our standard” they wrote in the blog Monika Bickert, Global Head of management policy and Chris Sonderby, General Deputy General.

Users creating a page or particular content violates the standards of the site can click on the link “report” to notify Facebook. The company then weighs remove or not.

Some content only lower in some countries. Facebook restricts content in countries where local laws are violated, but the message itself does not violate your community standards.

Separately, Facebook also released on Monday its latest report on requests received from governments around the world in the second half of 2014. The Government Requests Report shows that both data requests information such as restricting increased.

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