What Technology Did The Plane Disappeared From Malaysia Airlines?

Posted On 11 Mar 2014
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The plane disappeared from Malaysian Airlines is a Boeing 777-200ER.

The Boeing 777-200ER Malaysia Airlines has been missing since March 7, despite having communications equipment, including radios, automatic headlights, GPS and computer communications systems.

In addition to UHF and VHF radios, these aircraft that cost more than 250 million each are equipped with the system Aircraft Communications and Reporting System (ACARS).

Inside the aircraft computers, the system shows the performance of the aircraft, in terms of speed and fuel, for example.

“If something fails, send a signal to Malaysia Airlines,” reported CNN.

When he was asked about the communication devices on board the missing plane, on flight MH370, the Boeing spokesman Doug Alder said: “It is not appropriate to discuss that right now.”

There is a precedent of a similar plane that fell during the trip and was gone for months.

The January 1, 2009, the Air France Flight 447 traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when communications were lost Airbus A330.

“One of the first things was a series of ACARS messages that showed a failure of the aircraft and system degradation,” recalled CNN.

For two years the avió sought to locate most of their remains and most of the 228 bodies in a mountain range in the Atlantic Ocean.

In May 2011, the voice recorder of the aircraft and the system for recording flight information was retrieved from the ocean floor after a lengthy search.

In July 2012, the researchers published their report, which blamed the accident on a series of pilot error and a failure to respond effectively to technical problems.

The Office of Research and Analysis of France explained how pilots could not respond efficiently to problems with the plane’s speed sensors or correct the trajectory when things started to fail.

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