When Sex Becomes A Nightmare

Posted On 15 May 2014
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The passion also a bit embarrassing situations happen that often do not blush.

Even after they pass when everything is in order, remember and you die of laughter.

Look at some of the worst accidents in the privacy that will leave you wondering whether apologize, laugh, mourn or follow the action.

You caught the presence of a third party is more than common, but not what else should worry, but spend embarrassment, depending on who you cache, whether you’re a rookie and you’re on your parents or you are with your partner and intruders are your children, be prepared to face extensive questioning or scolding from your parents.

Falling off the bed between the unbridled passion, you can be very happy having a sexual encounter when suddenly things more ‘hot’ place, you forgot the space in which you and jerk you out of bed. Do not get bogged down at all ever happens in life and you can just take it with humor and not let the passion to cool.

Breaking something This is the most fun yet embarrassing accidents that can happen in private; you can break from the bed, the couch, or objects near, in the worst case your clothes! Want to experience something new and choose a location that is not designed for that, the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, when things get intense bear in mind that the objects around you suffer.

Strange sounds during intimacy, people concentrate for maximum enjoyment that’s when your body is more relaxed and only the heavy breathing and the natural sounds of your body is listening, but can also unintentionally a gas that makes its appearance in the worst, a natural act of the body that is embarrassing but do not have to jump into the drama, your partner will understand.

A name can ruin everything When things go up in intensity, can make a terrible mistake, and say the name of your ex, a friend or a nickname that your partner had never heard before, it was not for him, that phrase may end with a moment of passion. We did not want to ruin it but now have to apologize to your partner and give him or her good explanation. If that night cannot continue with the meeting will touch you understand and wait.

Underwear ‘kills passions’ Maybe your partner wants to surprise you and is ready to intimidate you when you least expect it, but choose the day you wore your underwear less appetizing. Do not get bogged down, you’d better ask for a moment to go to the dressing room and appear as natural as possible, so you cannot see it.

Alcohol is not your best friend. Few glasses of wine might help to leave inhibitions for another time, but if you’re going for a ‘drinks’ and know that at the end of the night you will have a night of passion, try not to overdo it. Reasons? When you have some other cups can stay asleep, falling, going to the bathroom too often or not to maintain the spirits up, something that your partner will not like it at all.

Questions misplaced
An uncomfortable question can also ruin then lose concentration or make your partner.

To avoid this, let yourself go and put attention to the sensations, as also allow you to connect to your partner more intimately.

Anyone can go through these embarrassing moments, which can be as a story of laughter and fun, or buried in oblivion, but do not worry they are more common than you think.

Have you been part of any of these embarrassing moments?

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