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Posted On 09 May 2014
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Many designs have become a real hit on the red carpet.

Trends in fashion are no longer exclusive to the runways, red carpets are implanted in in photocall and up the street own dictate what you get; the impact is such that designs lately overshadow the facts. It speaks more to the outfit of the prize or to them.

Everyone remembers wearing the scarlet coat worn by Ralph Lauren Lupita Nyong’o at the gala Golden Globes, classic while risky, and it is curious that happened over the collective memory of the awards that were given that night, being considered by many as the best means of the gala.

And the stars shine more brightly when they dress Prada or Versace or Dior among others and parades down the red carpet are already the most anticipated by spectators and photographers, impatient, saved for posterity of our famous designs.

Comes into play at this point the role of the personal stylist, who advises stars to shine as much as possible in the short time I have to stand before the row flashes, then time will be reflected in all media and, thankfully or unfortunately and the advantages internet, will be praised or criticized by viewers around the world.

Thus actresses in recent years have carved a niche in the entertainment world through his clothes rather than his films. Lupita Nyong’o has gained fame for her performance in “12 Years a Slave,” which won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, but the beautiful Mexico-Kenya still has a short film career. Nevertheless, because of her beauty and appearance with a series of elegant dresses in the finery that goes to firms such as Dior, Gucci or Calvin Klein dress fight over.

And, lots of media contain headlines reading “Top 10 ‘looks'” or “The worst dressed” in the post-event celebration of cinema, music days, where the red carpet becomes the protagonist.

Most commented outfits.

One of the latest examples are the MTV awards in which Nyong’o highlighted with a colorful design, as well as the costumes were discussed chosen by singer Rihanna or Jessica Alba.

As awards Tribeca Film Festival, where actresses like Emma Watson, Leighton Meester and Katie Holmes have decided to choose designs direct from the catwalk.

But it goes further, and is today as stylish fashion events can also reach the street, or at least subtle differences that are hardly visible because the models look in our actresses red carpet inspired designs or collections which are then offered for sale at more affordable stores, such as the model who wore Penelope Cruz in Vanity Fair party held after the Oscar gala.

For the occasion, the Madrid chose a dress firm commented “low cost” H & M later went on sale in stores in the chain with unique color variation.

A stylish rug

The red carpet, the star of the moment, dates back to 458 BC, as his first term appears in the play “Agamemnon” of the Greek dramatist Aeschylus, in which the protagonist’s wife convinces him to go on a red carpet to receive merit for his victory at Troy.

But really, its use as we know it comes from the early twentieth century when the railway company 20th Century Limited, offer to bring glamour and luxury to its passengers, placed a red carpet from the train to the station concourse to who descended from this could cross it with pride.

Centuries later their first appearances, the famous carpet has become the advertising extravaganza, both as actors and actresses of the jewels and dresses that look as well as the perfect time for the media to achieve the desired interview and the perfect picture.

The wildest, sexiest, most stylish, classic, the breaker, the finest or the most striking, all have their “glory ride” on the most famous red carpet showbiz and hit task becomes difficult, but it may depend on his rise to fame, the red carpet is the new letter.

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