Why Emma Stone And Her Partner Canceled Their Attendance At The Oscars?

Posted On 07 Mar 2014
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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

They canceled their appearance at the Oscar!


Although much of the media gathered at the red carpet of the Oscars ceremony last eagerly awaiting the arrival of Emma Stone, one of the favorite actresses of the current Hollywood and who was going to present one of the awards-the popular performer and her partner, actor Andrew Garfield, were forced to communicate suddenly finally not attend the event due to “personal reasons” mysterious reasons that will soon have been associated with the disease that afflicted Mother’s artist in recent years.

“The truth is that it was very surprising that Emma and Andrew canceled their presence at the ceremony on such short notice, and also do so with as little specific justification. Imagine that if they had to resort to this type of explanation is that something serious is going on. Only hope that Emma’s mother is well and has not returned to relapse in cancer she suffered in 2008, “he told the website Radar Online a source close to the couple.

Given that some of his friends have had to see the couple “arguing” on the odd occasion, seems to rule out the hypothesis that their absence from the big night of American cinema has something to do with the typical frictions of coexistence since in that case, at least one of them would have presented at the event to honor the organization invite.

“We are confident that there has been no argument or fight between them, or at least know that this would not be a reason to miss the Oscars. Had they had any problems of this kind, at least one of them would have tried to put back, put a brave face and go to the ceremony. Normally you cannot do that kind of ugly at the Academy Awards, “said the same informant.

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