Youtube Users Can Trim Video From Your Mobile

Posted On 05 Mar 2015
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Tag: Youtube users can crop video from mobile, Youtube users can cut video from mobile

The mobile application Youtube continues to improve.

The website YouTube announced new updates to its Android mobile application with which users can crop videos from your device.

In its official blog, said that with the new tools professional-looking video highlighting only the fragment you want to share is achieved.

The video editor explains, has a dynamic selector that lets you choose in a simple way the exact point where you begin and end a recording, plus you get a closer view to make the cut with precision.

Additionally, the application has a new preview to review the video before uploading and downloading faster.

“It is now easier than ever to share your videos on YouTube from the scene. Just take the video, go to YouTube application, cut, and review and publish your video, all from your mobile device” refers website.


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