7 Simple Tricks To Writing The Perfect Tweet

Posted On 07 Mar 2015
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Learn to write the perfect tweet.

We know that a message sent through Twitter cannot be longer than 140 characters, but apart from the length, if you want your followers assess your posts there are other items you have to consider when writing a comment on this social network.

It was the conclusion reached by a group of researchers after analyzing more than 43,000 reviews that it was said, or whether it was worth reading non shared by some of the people who follow on Twitter tweet.

“Not very often find followers who appreciate a tweet. They believe that there is a lot of content that is not worth reading, for different reasons,” explains Michael Bernstein, professor of Computer Science at Stanford University in the US and member of the team that conducted the study.

In the research entitled “Who cares a tweet? Over 21,000 Twitter accounts were analyzed. Besides Bernstein, also specialists from the universities of Carnegie Mellon and Georgia Institute of Technology, US, and of Southampton, UK.

So if you want your followers comments regarding your tweets are positive, consider the following recommendations:

No customization. Clients interviewed for the study expressed their displeasure with which they shared information about their personal life. For example, one participant commented: “I do not care what people are eating,” alluding to a tweet referring to that topic.

No complaints or greetings. Messages expressing displeasure or discomfort with something were not well received. The same happened with tweets like: “Hello Twitter“. For users, this type of message has no content, consider it boring and useless.

Hunting for novelty. Twitter is considered by those who use it as a means of information in real time, and therefore, expect to find updated information, no reference to something that happened before.

Tweets that are worth reading, according to participants in the study, are informative. And 48% agreed on this point. They reacted with comments like: “Yes, I saw it first thing in the morning” or “I read the same tweet as many times ….”

Original content besides considering the news aspect previously mentioned, one of the most crucial elements for participants is creativity in the way they structure the tweet. This is not to repeat what others have already said, but to bring something extra.

Consider worth reading those that allow them to learn, causing intrigue and invite you to learn more about the topic mentioned. In this regard made comments such as: “This headline catches my attention,” “did not know this was going on, thank you for the information.”

They were also positively received structured as a question tweets.

Clarity a valued feature is the ease with which one can understand a message. Comments without context, cryptic and difficult to understand, were evaluated negatively.

This category includes share links, blog posts or photos without any additional information.

Do not abuse the @ symbol or the #. Excessive use of the @sign and the hashtag became a constant source of annoyance among those who participated in the research. “Lot #, I cannot find the content” was widespread comment.

With respect to the @, people expressed a preference for the use of direct or response message addressed to the person using name user, rather than mentioning in twit.

Spaces for the funny messages were also included something comical well evaluated. The researchers found that humor is a good option to share thoughts and opinions.

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