A Huge Sinkhole Swallowed Cars In Baltimore

Posted On 02 May 2014
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Look what happened when the earth devoured several cars to open a crater.

After bad weather plaguing from Sunday the central and southern United States, a large section of road collapsed in Baltimore forming a huge sinkhole that swallowed several cars.

The stunning photo shows how the finished vehicles parked at the bottom of the hole while people who recorded the images could not believe what was happening.

“I was in my house and I looked out the window and saw how it all started, so I ran outside with my camera,” said Nick Reyes commissioned to film the moment the sinkhole formed.

Reyes had to be evacuated from his home and his truck Jeep Grand Cherokee was one of those that were swallowed by the sinkhole.

Train tracks are very near the tunnel area and the company said the train traffic in that area has been suspended for the moment.

The bad weather has also caused major flooding in Florida and Alabama and remains alert to the East Coast for possible heavy rain Thursday, the National Weather Service.

In Wednesday’s session the state’s most affected by the floods were Florida-where he died person, and Alabama, but also could be the consequences of heavy rains in the area of ​​the nation’s capital, Washington, and Baltimore (Maryland).

The whole area of ​​the city of New York is on alert for possible flooding Thursday before the heavy rains, heavy rainfall could also fall in Jacksonville (Florida), Charlotte (NC), Virginia Beach (Virginia) and Atlanta (Georgia).

These severe storms are part of the system responsible for tornadoes raging since last Sunday the center and south of the country and have caused at least 38 deaths in Oklahoma, Iowa, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

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