A Man Tried To Jump The Fence At The White House

Posted On 08 Feb 2014
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A man remains in custody after he tried to jump the fence separating the White House via two bags, according to the U.S. Secret Service.

The emergency caused a momentary closure of activities in the presidential palace. The Secret Service official said the perpetrator had two suspicious backpacks in their possession.

The Secret Service, in charge of presidential security, cordoned off for several minutes around the White House and moved to the visitors and onlookers outside the perimeter to secure the area.

It remains unclear why the man tried to climb the fence, which is heavily guarded, nor is it known what is inside the bags he was carrying.

According to the Secret Service man was arrested just before he could surpass the fence north of the White House and into the garden area in front of the residence of the president and his family.

A scene Explosives Division of Police came to investigate the bags. The security official told NBC News that there is nothing to suggest that the bags are dangerous, but this is the normal protocol.

President Barack Obama was not in the White House, since today traveled to Michigan, where he signed the new farm bill.

Not the first time it happens

This is not the first time someone tries to get into the high security zone of the White House.

Last October a woman with psychiatric problems crashed his car into a security post at the entrances of the White House and was chased for miles by police, who shot him near the Capitol.

In late 2011, a young man from Idaho distance fired several shots at the White House because he believed that the president was the antichrist.

The shooter was arrested four days later and although the presidential family was not in the White House, he managed to reach one of the windows with bulletproof glass bedroom Obama.

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