A Republican Congressman For Dead Immigration Reform In 2014

Posted On 07 Feb 2014
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Blame for the failure of negotiations to President Barack Obama.

One of the Republican lawmakers who joined the Group of Eight secretly drafted a plan to legalize the 11 million undocumented immigrants that never saw the light of day that immigration reform is dead. “We’re not going to have immigration reform,” he said.

Congressman Raul Labrador (Idaho) added that “I do not think there will be immigration reform. There really is not enough faith (trust) between the House of Representatives (controlled by Republicans) and the president that we can reach an agreement. ”

Explaining the causes of distrust, Labrador said the recent report on the State of the Union, the fifth pronounced on January 28, when President Barack Obama said “he could make laws, he needed not to work with Congress. That, for us is very large, and then it is very difficult for us to trust that he will want to work with us in good faith. ”

In the speech to the full Congress in late January, Obama said 2014 would be “a year of action” and said he was prepared to act alone if necessary. “I look forward to working with you all,” said the president. But he warned: “The U.S. will not stop nor I either. So wherever and whenever you can step without legislation to expand opportunities for more families living in America, that’s what I’ll do.

Obama did not address the immigration issue. But his words are now used by the Republicans to say there will be immigration reform, at least in 2014.

“Because he (Obama) said that we do what he wants to do, or if we do it will do it by itself,” he said Labrador. “No president has done that in the history of the United States, he would do things if the House and the Senate does not. That’s out of the Constitution; it is something that does not create trust between the two parties. ”

In early June last year resigned from the Labrador Group of Eight disagreements with a position that sought to give medical care to undocumented immigrants eligible for citizenship if Congress passes immigration reform.

Labrador said in a press release that decided to leave the body unable to satisfactorily resolve the issue of whether undocumented immigrants are responsible for their medical costs.

According Labrador, Democrats had no intention to pass a bill in the House and the members of the Group of Eight received orders from the president not to approve anything and favor the Senate bill.

“That caused me a loss of trust (of) that I could work in good faith with these people,” he said.

Asked if Republicans fear that the Hispanic community the blame for failing to pass immigration reform, Labrador said he was convinced that “he will blame the president and Democrats. They had the presidency (of Congress) for two years. They had super majorities for two years (2009 and 2010) in the House and Senate and they did absolutely nothing. ”

“They (the Democrats) did not want to work with us, do not want immigration reform when they were in complete control of the Senate and House of Representatives and is now impossible to try to blame Republicans,” he added.

HR 15 plan presented by the Democrats in October and according to the White House has the 218 votes needed in the full (195 Democrats and 30 Republicans and 40), Labrador said “the person you are ensuring that it is lying. No votes in the House of Representatives to pass what happened in the Senate. There are two or three Republicans to vote for it. ”

Labrador also said the Senate bill passed in June will not solve the problem, because soon there will be 10 million undocumented immigrants living in the United States.

“We’re not gonna do this year (immigration reform), but will do very soon, once the president can show that he is willing to abide by the laws that currently exist. He (Obama) has to prove to us (Republicans) that he will be working with the laws that exist before us we can give him new laws. “

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