A Teacher Is Sentenced To 23 Years In Prison For Abusing Children

Posted On 20 May 2014
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Professor John David Boyle.

A teacher has been signed and sentenced to over 23 years imprisonment behind bars. He is accused of committing abuses against children in the United States.

The teacher John David Boyle was engaged to teach sports in high Royal Oak in Covina, San Gabriel Valley.

At age 52 pleaded guilty to producing child pornography involving minors and using the Internet to commit these unlawful acts. He did it for several months.

He himself acknowledged that molested a 14 year old boy. First I met online and then once felt trust, forced to perform acts of pornography.

Several gathered to ask law prevents sex offenders take pictures of children.

Then, Federal Judge Stephen Wilson, hearing the facts, did not hesitate to sentence the man to 282 months in prison.

His capture was achieved by an undercover agent who chatted with him and agreed to a meeting in a classroom, where Boyle thought he was going to have a sexual activity with a minor.

After being in the classroom, special security officers confronted Boyle and took several digital devices you who were in his power.

The physical education teacher was arrested immediately. Once under arrest, the authorities allowed them to access his online accounts, including one from which he distributed child pornography.

The FBI asked the public to help identify at least 90 potential victims of William Vahey.

Police said Boyle abused at least one child in the 80s.

“The defendant is a sexual predator who has avoided detection to avoid law enforcement. It’s an extreme danger to the community but especially for the most vulnerable such as children,” reads the letter condemning it.

When Judge Wilson gave judgment specified that these crimes were “horrendous” and that the “harm done to the victims was immeasurable.”

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