A US Newspaper Says That Afghanistan Gave CIA Funds To Al Qaeda

Posted On 15 Mar 2015
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Tag: Afghanistan finances CIA to Al Qaeda, Afghanistan gave CIA funds to Al Qaeda

Funds sent by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) US ally Afghan government were used by Kabul to pay a ransom to Al Qaeda, today unveiled the American newspaper The New York Times.

At least a million dollars of funds that the CIA provided the government of Afghan president Hamid Karzai ended up in the coffers of Al Qaeda during the management of the payment of a ransom of $ 5 million to release a diplomat from that country in 2010.

Officials involved in the ransom indicated to The New York Times that the first payments were made ​​with funds that the CIA sent to Kabul monthly in cash.

The revelation has been contrasted with letters of Osama bin Laden on Al Qaeda operatives that were found in the record of his lair in Pakistan where he died after an operation by Special Forces Navy SEALs in May 2011.

Bin Laden says he fears the CIA knows the details of the ransom and can permeate airline with radioactive materials or toxic substances.

The Afghan diplomat Abdul Khaliq Farahi, Consul General in Peshawar (Pakistan), was released after two years in captivity by paying a total of 5 million dollars, partly contributed by the Governments of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Gulf states.

Senior Al Qaeda indicated in letters to Bin Laden that the money would be used to purchase weapons, buy influence and expenses for clandestine operations.

The letters were known after being part of the evidence in the case against Abid Nasser, recently convicted in New York for plotting a terrorist attack in the United Kingdom.

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