Agreement Ensures 100% Gratuities Deliverers Of NYC

Posted On 23 May 2014
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Order food online through companies such as Seamless and Grubhub dot com very convenient. But this string in client Internet intermediary company, restaurant and “delivery guy” (or girl) the latter were being deceived.

Recently, the Indus Valley restaurant near Broadway and 100th Street in Manhattan, 11 dispatchers must compensate with an undisclosed amount for unpaid gratuities that customers destined for them.

Property, sometimes carrying the betrayers of intermediation costs due to Seamless and GrubHub. They charge for their pages appear in restaurants, menus and process orders.

Jane Chung, a lawyer for the workers, said the restaurant withheld $ 17,000 in gratuities and compared the practice to “pass the costs of rent products or employees.”

Florentino Allende (40) spent four years in the restaurant and returned to Mexico, where he deposited the payment. “Sometimes with huge orders for Columbia University teachers and had disposed tips up to $ 200, but then in the restaurant told us that gave later, or warrant was for the cost of network service that we pay part. It did nothing for fear of dismissal, “he said.

The Mexican Eleuterio Calixto (33), worked two years and continues to deliver food in the same area. “In the leaf tip and said clearly that it was the will of the client saw,” he said.

When not out, delivery should assist in other functions for which they were not paid. They received a weekly fixed payment of $ 125 restaurant, to which were added tips.

When demand in 2012, the rarefied atmosphere in the restaurant started. They did not speak to them or shout at them until the 11 dispatchers began to tire and were going one by one. “I was the last that I held until last year,” said Calixto.

Following an investigation by the Attorney General of New York, a judge ruled that tips should be separated from the entirety of the internet companies make to restaurants. This case has forced a major change. They must sign new contracts and it should be noted in the pages of GrubHub and Seamless 100% of the tips should be given to the couriers. The two companies merged in May and have not revealed its new name.

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