American Analysts: Turkey Traded US Russia

Posted On 25 Apr 2015
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Tag: America find a new ally in the region, energy agreement between Russia and Turkey

Due to the sharp differences between Ankara and Washington on foreign policy issues, such as the refusal to impose sanctions against Russia and approaches to the fight against “Islamic state”, States will soon have to find a new strategic ally in the region.

Due to Turkey’s rapprochement with Russia, the United States will soon have to find a new strategic ally in the region, the report said scientific and analytical center Bipartisan Policy Center, says Sputnik.

A recent energy agreement between Russia and Turkey on the construction of oil and gas pipelines “Turkish Stream” and proposed a three-fold increase in trade between the two countries went against the “prevailing pro-Western,” the article says.

Russia and Turkey went to the convergence in the field of energy partnership and mutually beneficial agreements. Analysts believe that it influenced the fact that Turkey has not supported NATO’s position on “Russian aggression”. In addition, Ankara refused to join the sanctions policy of the West towards Russia, preferring instead to develop trade and energy ties with Moscow.

Failed to agree a position between Washington and Ankara, and on the fight against radical Islamist group “Islamic State”, says Sputnik.

“Although once lined up a strong relationship between the US and Turkey, Ankara’s recent actions demonstrate that it can no longer be the same ally as before,” - said in a report.

The Task Force, which conducted the study, notes that, most likely, Washington will have to find a new ally and strategic partner in the region.

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