Amy Adams Feels ‘Female’ On The Red Carpet

Posted On 11 Mar 2014
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Actress Amy Adams, nominated for an Academy Award for the successful ‘American Hustle‘ has been considered one of the big winners on the red carpet at the film awards last season, so it is not surprising that the interpreter devote weeks plan what you wear on special occasions for the purpose of projecting public his strong “female character”.

“I usually spend hours analyzing the different possibilities I have in relation to the shower, but I always end up going for those designers who give me the opportunity to enhance my figure and accentuate curves. Want all my clothes to help me step up my female character which will provide me a good grip and make me feel sexy, “she revealed to British Vogue.

Through different models created by renowned designers such as Victoria Beckham, Roland Mouret and Antonio Berardi, the interpreter pretty pleasantly surprised the fashion critics during their attendance at the Academy Awards, Golden Globes and even the British Bafta, making up for the lack of awards Amy Adams saw Cate Blanchett snatched all statuettes-the “trust” that give their years of experience walking the red carpet.

“At first I was scared to expose all these people and having to greet pretending I was happy when I was really terrified. But over time, I have gained much experience and enjoy the moment, especially to have the confidence you choose the dresses I feel good. Now I feel more comfortable in these public appearances, “the sexy performer, who also believes the real key to looking good lies precisely in being proud of one.

“It is in those moments when more sure of yourself have to be, since beyond dress and jewels, the red carpet gives you the opportunity to show you as you are, stand out for what you are and not for what take it. Though all help, of course, “he said. (Courtesy usa news)

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