Apple And Samsung Infringed Patents

Posted On 04 May 2014
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Both phone brands (Apple and Samsung) violate their patent competition.

A long dispute

A California jury awarded Apple 119.46 million dollars, far less than what the company had demanded, in a legal dispute with Samsung patent infringement related to multifunctional phones.

The jury made ​​even smaller by concluding that Apple illegally used a Samsung patent, reports The Associated Press court victory.

The amount of the verdict is much less than the 2,200 million dollars that Apple had requested and 930 million won in a separate trial in 2012 in which he made similar claims of patent violation against former Samsung products, most which are no longer on sale in the United States.

The jury ruled that Apple had infringed one of the patents Samsung to create the iPhone 4 and 5 phones. Jurors Samsung awarded $ 158,000, down from 119.2 million original verdicts. Samsung had requested six million.

It is a victory for Apple

“Although the verdict is heavy according to normal standards, it is difficult to consider this result as a victory for Apple,” said Brian Love, a law professor at Santa Clara University, cites the AP.

“That figure is less than 10 percent requested by Apple and probably not much more than what Apple was spent on this case,” he added.

“Today’s sentence reinforces what has already been said courts around the world that Samsung deliberately stole from us our ideas and copied our products,” he said shortly after the verdict Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said in a statement quoted by the part of the agency Efe.

“We are fighting to defend the hard work they carry beloved products like the iPhone, which our employees have dedicated their lives to design and make them available to our customers,” concluded Huguet.

Globally, Samsung dominates the market for smartphones and, according to the specialist firm Strategy Analytics, 31% of phones purchased worldwide in the first quarter of 2014 were to the company, while Apple was in second with 15% of sales.

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