Apple Had A Bad Opening In The Dow Jones Industrial

Shares of Apple technology firm did not have a good premiere at the Dow Jones Industrial Average , the select group of actions that joined in the last hours in replacement telecommunications group AT & T.

Confirming the fears of doomsayers that in previous dates indicate when a signature is attached at Dow Jones, for their own reasons or bad luck, its premiere throws losses, Apple ended the day with a decline of 0.76%, to $ 127.50.

The price of securities of the company with the largest market capitalization worldwide suffered the curse even though the Nasdaq market, where Apple’s prices, was the only one of the main indicators of Wall Street rose.

The Nasdaq, which mostly traded technology companies, ended with a rise of 0.19%, compared with a decline that took the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 0.65%, and lowering the selective S & P 500, which was 0.49%.

Still, the stock price of Apple is close to the record that was recorded last February 23, to $ 133.

In the technology sector, shares of the firm were again the first in terms of trading volume, as usual, and within the five most active stocks in this sector was the second with the greatest loss behind eBay, which fell 0.94%.

Incorporating the Dow Jones Apple, comprising 30 companies in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Nasdaq was announced last March 6 by the firm that manages this indicator, considered one of the most important market.

Apple is a clear choice for the average of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, measuring more recognized securities market” then said the chairman of indicators Dow Jones Indices, David M. Blitzer.

In order to incorporate these titles, the Dow Jones redesigned the divisor used to calculate the indicator, considering the price of the securities that comprise it, in order not to create disturbances in the index.

Wall Street still up

However, many commentators believe the Dow Jones volatility can win so can provide a title that has historically shown large variations in price.

According told the CNBC financial chain analyst firm RCB Capital Markets Amit Daryanani, the influence that Apple will in the Dow Jones Industrial Average is around 5%.

Despite the fame that has the Dow Jones Industrial Average, with a century of life; many operators are more inclined to the S & P 500, as they feel it has a wider market representation.

Also, if the average of the Dow Jones Industrial Average is defined by the share price, the selective S & P 500, and includes 500 titles, market capitalization weighted.

Apple’s entry in the Dow Jones was given after the firm decided to divide into seven each title last June, thereby minimizing the price of each title, but not the market capitalization.

In general, Wall Street, which has some ruminant, was digesting binge Wednesday after the Federal Reserve (Fed) has withdrawn its “patience” on interest rates and offset the escalation with declines in the Dow Jones.

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