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Posted On 10 Mar 2015
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The company said it may make pre orders and watching the clock in stores from April 10.

Apple introduced its Smart Clock Watch, which represents the entry of the company into a new business segment and is the first device to a new category created for the management of the company Tim Cook.

The company had already advanced enough about the clock, although some critical details were unknown. Yes we knew would have a rectangular touchscreen, to be offered in two sizes (38 and 42 mm) and a choice of materials for the body clock (steel, aluminum, gold) and multiple options straps.

Also, wearing a crown to control the user interface, which has a microphone (to query Siri, with a pressure in the coronary and share voice memos with other users of the clock, and use it as a handsfree iPhone), heart rate sensor and accelerometer, and internal storage. According to the company, the battery offers a battery life of 18 hours of use.

Requires, as most smart watches, a connection to the phone to operate: just make iPhone running iOS 5 or higher in August.

Of them get notifications traditional applications, which will be visible on the screen, but like other platforms can be extended, with new programs designed for the clock. For example, a version of Twitter or Instagram alert about new publications, a tool to show QR codes or a work presentation. It could also have applications as Uber and Shazam.

You can answer messages with predefined answers, which are built automatically by analyzing the message text.

A different fronts watch dials and you can add functions such as date, stopwatch, world time, a mode with a kind of summary of the day, a similar concept that appears in the notification menu of the iPhone, a tool to draw pictures on the screen or record our heart rate and share with other users of the Watch.

Like other smart watches, if the user was still remembers long time, to do some exercise; also sets targets movement per week.

Watch Apple prices start at $ 349 for the Watch Sport 38mm and $ 399 for the 42mm. The steel version will start at $ 549 (38mm) and can go up to $ 1.049, depending on the extensible; the 42mm will be $ 50 more expensive.

The Apple Watch Edition (Box of 18 carat gold) will start at $ 10,000.

They can pre-order their watches from April 10 and will begin shipping April 24. The launch will be global including countries like UK, Australia, China, Japan, Germany and France.

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