Apple Outsells Windows

Posted On 19 Feb 2014
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Apple already sells more devices than Windows machinery used.

Apple, who just turned 30 years since the creation of the first Macintosh, again is in luck thanks to their electronic devices. In only thing Apple computers to Windows fails, one of the reasons we assume there is more to contain this software, and Apple only limited production.

If we add all Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, Mac… Figures for the fourth quarter of 2013 worldwide exceed Windows. Yes, maybe the PCs are still above the Mac in sales figures, but if we analyze the current situation, which is increasingly used other devices to access the Internet, these results become more important.

If this trend continues to grow, which is what is expected for the coming years, both companies will have to put the batteries to compete in the market through other devices that do not focus solely on desktops or laptops. Mostly Windows, which for now is losing the battle.

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