Arizona Gov. Ask Veto Law Officers Involved In Deaths

Posted On 25 Mar 2015
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At first the initiative requested that the names were protected for 90 days.

Civil rights advocates filed a petition with 2,400 signatures urging the Governor of Arizona, Doug Duceym to veto a bill that would allow up to 60 days hide the names of officers involved in deaths in developing their work.

More than two dozen demonstrators reached the outskirts of Ducey offices in Phoenix to reject the SB-1445 initiative, which will be submitted at any time Republican governor’s desk.

The proposal was approved by the House of Representatives and is expected to Senate Republican majority also approved.

“Such a proposal would create a lack of transparency and accountability of police departments,” said Dulce Juárez, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Arizona.

At first the initiative requested that the names were protected for 90 days, but due to pressure from groups like the ACLU, its proponents agreed to change just 60 days.

But this change is not enough to activists like Juarez, who believes there should be greater transparency in cases where people are killed.

Meanwhile, supporters say they do so to protect the physical integrity of agents, as they fear that they could be targeted by people who might seek revenge.

The activist explained that currently or not to disclose the name of a policeman involved in a case where they kill a person is the individual decision of each police chief.

Noted that nationally there is a broad discussion about the deaths of minority people like Latinos and African Americans at the hands of police, so that groups like the ACLU consider such initiatives rather than improve relations with the community, it could deteriorate further more.

“There is a possibility that if Arizona approve this law other states may follow the same example,” ended Juarez.

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