Authorities Are Still Several Clues To The Perpetrators Of Police In Ferguson

Posted On 14 Mar 2015
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The police chief of St. Louis County, Jon Belmar, gave a press conference.

The investigation into who shot two policemen during a protest in Ferguson remains an open question, given the large number of testimonies and various tracks on aggression.

This Friday, the police chief of St. Louis County, Jon Belmar, revealed that despite dozens of stories that have received so far there have been no direct witnesses of the shooting.

“There have been several tracks since then, I cannot say at this point that an arrest is imminent, no one is in custody,” said Belmar.

However, based on evidence and surveillance few images you have, the researchers determined that the perpetrators were or 125 meters away on Tiffin Avenue, which could not necessarily be an expert marksman, but a shot which unfortunately resulted in a goal.

Despite these tracks and the possible location of the shooter, the authorities have not clarified its identity, the relationship with protesters or motif, which represents a decline in research, because at first it was mentioned that the assailant remained between the crowds.

The lack of concrete leads, as revealed Belmar, also leaves open the possibility that the protesters could also have been the intended target and the shooter opened fire from behind.

“Detectives are working on this investigation throughout the day, not going to rest until the point where we have a conclusion with respect to this research,” he added.

About gunshot wounds official said: “We were perhaps less than an inch away from a tragedy with these two cops … I am very grateful for the fact that these two officials will be able to recover full . ”

Two US Congressmen and Missouri National Organization Crime Stoppers has offered nearly $ 13,000 in rewards for information leading to the arrest of those responsible for the shooting, a gesture Belmar said he expected to be useful for research.

Note that the County Police St. Louis and Highway Patrol Missouri State are guarding the order during the protests, while Ferguson police will remain responsible for “policing routine” in the city.

On Friday, the second day of searching for those responsible for the ambush took place.

Meanwhile, community leaders Ferguson appealed for reconciliation and justice in a people struggling against a legacy of racial resentment.

“We can find the perpetrators of this heinous act. This may be an opportunity for the community and the police work together,” said Benjamin Crump, the attorney for the family of Michael Brown.

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    Remember how WE had snipers shoot police in the Ukraine in order to destabilize things…. looks like a REPEAT —

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