Bank Of New York Will Pay $ 714 Million In US Currency By Method Claims Of Fraud

Posted On 20 Mar 2015
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Tag: Bank of New York will pay $ 714 million US, BNYM will pay $ 714 Million US to exchange fraud

The Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) will pay $ 714 million US to close lawsuits related to foreign exchange fraud, announced on Thursday the New York judicial authorities in a statement.

The BNYM, one of the oldest US banks, was investigated since 2011 for having harmed their customers using the worst interbank rates for foreign currency transactions.

To avoid a trial, the establishment founded in 1784 “accepted responsibility” and must pay $ 714 million to its customers and several US officials, including the stock gendarme (SEC), the statement said.

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  1. Hp B Reply

    (AKA) The old steal $40 billion illegally and pay a $714 million fine, trick.
    The US of Phony Baloney (WHAT A TOWN!)

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