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Posted On 06 Feb 2014
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MS is a very serious disease. MS patients can get a lot of help, but what kind of help can you get all?


The diagnosis of MS is made by a physician who specializes in neurology. Many people shy tremendously when they are diagnosed with MS. It is very important that the doctor gives MS patient about the disease and the patient provides emotional support. Once the diagnosis is made, the physician usually the key figure in the treatment of MS. The doctor ensures that the patient receives all the support that the patient needs.


Often it happens when the diagnosis is made, the family a counselor to get out. The counselor provides help and support. But social workers and health workers can provide support. But it may also be that the family does not need help from a counselor, there must then be taken to a doctor. Regular contact


People who have MS will usually continue working so that they can earn for their family money. MS has a very big impact on how someone can work. MS patients typically suffer from increasing tiredness. Many people with people with MS can continue to work if their problems are understood. The way of working and their workspace can usually be adjusted.

Therapy and counseling

An expert gives people with MS and their employer useful advice on how changes in the environment can be made. Many people with MS can continue to work through simple changes. It can also help to give those flexible hours and a place to rest.

Making life easier

MS patients need to function much help. Cars can be modified by installing instead of foot pedals. A hand in the car Provisions can be made for wheelchairs. People with MS can continue to work if there is good will and understanding them.

Staying Healthy

Research has shown that must be replaced with polyunsaturated fatty acids. MS patients, animal fats as much as possible the important thing is that they eat a balanced, which means lots of fruits, vegetables and fiber intake. MS symptoms may worsen if they are overweight, smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

Remain cold and holidays

People with MS function better in a cold environment, but the environment should not be too cold. The symptoms of MS can be made worse by warm place to warm sleepwear and hot baths. Holidays cause a lot of stress in people with MS. The assistance is regulated at airports and railway stations. If the holiday to a warm area, the MS patient needs air conditioning and access to health care.

MS treatment

MS patients are frequently prescribed medications in the early stage, these drugs called corticosteroids. Corticosteroids may sometimes reduce the severity or duration of a relapse. These drugs are only given a short period because side effects. Prolonged use there is also other medications for MS patients in order to control the pain.

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