Boehner Gives Obama Space On Immigration

Posted On 09 Feb 2014
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The president will do their own?

While Republican leaders put out the hope that a comprehensive reform of immigration laws this year, the White House expected to be temporary and Republican resistance tactic is powerful, and has resisted pressure from some political allies of President Barack Obama to take enforcement action and reduce the number of deportations.

For a president who tries to leave a legislative legacy, the current state of the immigration debate is like walking a tightrope, says The Associated Press.

Obama could take action on their own to reduce deportations, but that is likely to seriously affect any possibility of an integral and permanent reform. However, if you show too much patience, the opportunity could slip away through our fingers.

Eliminated the possibilities Boehner

Republican John Boehner , Speaker of the House of Representatives on Thursday virtually eliminated any possibility that a reform of immigration laws before the elections this year, arguing that Republicans do not trust Obama to be adopted to implement all aspects of a reform of immigration laws.

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