Britney Spears In Bikini And Lingerie

The singer posed for the campaign for its new line of bikinis and lingerie, but many say abused photoshop.

She has decided tested as a business with the launch of its new line of swimwear and lingerie called Intimate collection.

But not only was concerned with designing each of the pieces, but also decided to pose with them.

However, many of these images have been severely criticized because they say abused photoshop, do you think?

Some fans say that the “Princess of Pop” looks extremely sensual.

A few months ago, Spears had a small preview of the campaign.

Even made ​​a presentation to introduce his new project.

What was once a dream is now a reality and the campaign is already at various points?

The collection is quite varied and offers pieces that range from the cute to the most sensual.

Transparencies are one of the details that abound in many of the garments.

The vintage cut was also one of the designs that Britney proposed in his collection.

The collection was launched in autumn 2014, but so far is when the campaign has begun to hit hard.

This new LIENA includes pieces of underwear, kimonos and nightwear, plus exquisite swimwear.

Spear made ​​it clear that he also knows how crazy the cameras with her ​​charms.

Although we recognize that some of the pictures are pretty retouched.

In some, the face of the singer looks very different than it always shows.

Do you think this woman needs to be retouched?

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