Chordify, An Online Shortcut To Get The Chords Of Your Favorite Songs

Posted On 26 Mar 2014
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Digital platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud have been an ideal for the dissemination of independent productions for various artists tool. In turn, also fulfill an important role education for those enthusiasts who want to take their first steps on the guitar, with a huge amount of videos that show users their progress and abilities.

Some may instantly your favorite song through a video on line. For those who still need aid, Chordify can extract chords from an audio track in MP3 format or a link to the content from YouTube, Deezer or Soundcloud.

Available from a web browser, the service offers a simple interface that allows you to identify the chords as you go playing the song.

Chordify has a no-cost mode, which supports up to three audio files with an extension of up to 10 minutes and a weight of 10 MB each. The premium option, which costs $ 8.25, allows storage of up to 100 sound tracks simultaneous playback of the sound track with chords identified and offers the possibility to download the registration PDF or MIDI format.

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