CIA Announces The Largest Reorganization In Its History

Posted On 07 Mar 2015
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The CIA is ending a longstanding division between operations and branches of analysis.

The Central Intelligence Agency US said Friday it is running the largest reorganization in its history.

The agency’s director, John Brennan, said the focus of this reengineering is related to cyber operations.

He added that the organization external experts have been analyzing recent months the administrative structure, including areas where no efficient operation.

The agency is adding a new higher level position, the “Digital Innovation Management”, to focus on the advances that have changed the way it conducts cyber espionage technology.

The director of the CIA has admitted that in today’s digital world, the agency has a stage “more challenging” to continue to carry out its work of Intelligence and Security.

“So, what we need as agency is sure to understand all aspects of the digital environment,” he said.

The CIA also bet on this reform by enhancing the specific approaches with ten new “mission centers” to analyze specific issues such as the proliferation of weapons or the situation in Africa.

In another major change, the CIA is ending a longstanding division between operations and branches of analysis, a system that requires a group of workers to collect data and another for analysis.

The new plan reduces these divisions in 10 new “mission centers”.

The centers will focus on the specific challenges or geographical areas of the world.

The CIA is already operating several of these interdisciplinary centers, including one on combating terrorism.

“What we’ve tried to do with these centers is to cover the entire mission, regional and functional universe for what is happening in the world fall into one of those centers,” Brennan said.

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