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Concoct The Device That Can ‘Seal’ A Bullet Injury In Seconds

Posted On 06 Feb 2014
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This device can seal a bullet wound in seconds.

The leading cause of death in cases of gunshot wound is bleeding, why it is necessary to seal it to prevent fatal consequences. Given the situation has been developed Xstats, a device capable of doing the job in just 15 seconds.

It is a kind of syringe with sponges swell inside the wound, effectively making the bleeding stop until you have specialized care.

Was a group of researchers from the University of Oregon, who have developed this device, they were inspired by an invention called Fix-a-flat, which is used to fix punctures in tires.

The device, despite having already been invented, requires the approval of the U.S. Federal Administration Pharmacy go on sale. While it may be helpful in cases of armed conflicts, the University of Oregon plans to use it to alleviate postpartum hemorrhage.

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