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Posted On 13 May 2014
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A new app lets you know if a Facebook contact is a sexual harasser.

In order to provide for the safety of thousands of users and popular social networks, especially Facebook, an app that will allow the most faithful followers of this site know if any of your friends is actually a good application was created friendship or just a pervert who seeks sexual harassment.

Friend Verifier is a new application that lets you do a scan of all your connections on Facebook, as well as new friend requests, in order to compare them to databases of stalkers, which have been created by the authorities.

Joe Penora, creator of this interesting app, explained to the website Mashable dot com, which since its launch in the U.S. in early March, the application has been used to review the profiles of more than 300 thousand people in order to know their record and compare data with people who have been classified as bullies by the authorities.

Penora shares to be inspired to create this application experiences talked to friends or colleague about anecdotes in receiving inappropriate messages, first through MySpace and currently one of the most used social networking by young “Facebook“.

Definitely interesting is the emergence of tools that help you keep your personal safety, as they go for new ways of doing things, the use of social networking sites for daily activities becomes essential, and Friend Verifier is projected as an important tool.

The application compares Facebook contacts with a database of more than 800,000 sex offenders who have been prosecuted in the U.S., but actually includes almost one million profiles because those accused of sex offenses are required to register again if they move to another state.

Currently one of the objectives of Joe Penora is to create a mobile application and make it easier to distinguish sex offenders from citizens who do not break laws and they share the same name.

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