Create A Computer In Japan Of “Ear”

It can be controlled with a wink of an eye or the tongue movement.

Japanese researchers are working on developing a laptop “ear”, which can be controlled with a simple wink of an eye or tongue movement.

This wireless device of just 17 grams, available Bluetooth capability and will be equipped with a GPS, a compass, battery, barometer, and microphone, among other things.

Mobile technology itself is now “El Dorado”, experts in new technologies, and this computer ear will be a new development in this sector.

Baptized by now as “PC laptop ear clip“, this unit is equipped with an electronic microchip, also have storage capacity of data and will allow their carriers to use software programs, explained project leader, Kazuhiro Taniguchi, college Hiroshima.

This miniPC can be designed with particular forms that evoke such Japanese floral arrangements, “ikebana”.

“In our mind is designed for people to take it as if it were an ear clip,” Taniguchi said during a demonstration of the prototype.

It is expected that this computer can be marketed for Christmas 2015.

Due to its characteristics, this miniPC have multiple applications in various fields and activities.

Constitute a “third hand” for health personnel, hikers, bikers, people with disabilities, among some other tasks

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