Deputies Approve Raising The U.S. Debt Ceiling Until 2015

Posted On 12 Feb 2014
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The House approved raising the U.S. debt ceiling until March 15, 2015, a move that must be ratified by the Senate yet to definitively rule out any risk of default.

The measure was adopted by 221 votes to 201, thanks to the almost total support from Democrats and only 28 Republicans. Congress should definitely take the text from here to February 27.

Republicans who dominate the House of Representatives, had declared before his resignation this Tuesday to require counterparties to raise the debt ceiling, a surprising announcement assimilated to a capitulation to President Barack Obama.

Cornered, let the vote take place, although the vast majority of Republicans voted against it.

The legal debt limit, suspended in October after a long parliamentary battle, was reactivated on Friday until 17.211 trillion. The Treasury warned it could not take any more until February 27 without a new authorization for borrowing by the Congress at the time the bankruptcy would occur.

By renouncing confrontation, Republicans close a painful chapter in the past three years. Each session on the subject of debt, they insisted on getting concessions to reduce costs against the controversial health reform Barack Obama.

“America has no choice but to pay their bills,” said Democrat Steny Hoyer said Tuesday.

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