Djuan Trent, Miss Kentucky 2010, Confesses To Being Gay: Proudly Gay Stars

Posted On 10 Mar 2014
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Djuan Trent, Miss Kentucky 2010, was one of the finalists of Miss America 2011 and now returns to catch the public gaze, not for its remarkable beauty, but because it has openly declared homosexual.

“I have written and erased and rewritten and rewritten this post more times than I care to admit, but after all I’ve realized that nothing happens and I have to So here goes:. I’m gay.” Djuan Trent wrote in her blog.

Fine, 27, decided to go public with her sexuality after her state, Kentucky wage a court battle to decide whether to recognize gay marriages. Act which was determined as unconstitutional by a judge.

Djuan Trent also wrote in her blog: “People do not know your best friend, brother, sister, coworker, neighbor, driver news, favorite singer or her favorite coffee barista is being oppressed and denied rights to which their heterosexual counterparts, who are so welcome, enjoy. Nobody learns unless you open your mouth and say “. Proudly presented by usa news.

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