Dozens Of Customers Carried Out Brawl In A Bar In New York

Posted On 05 Apr 2015
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A pitched battle broke out at the opening of a New York bar and the images have become viral.

Dozens of people engaged in a brawl at midnight in which chairs flew through the air and it shattered windows at a casino in a Racecourse during the opening of a bar, police said Saturday.

The fight broke out front of hundreds of people on Friday night in an area of restaurants at the Resorts World Casino of the Aqueduct racetrack during the inauguration of the first bar of the chain Fat Tuesday in New York.

In the end, three people were arrested or fined on charges of disturbing public order, a police officer suffered a hand injury and at least two other people were injured, according to the authorities. Firefighters said that two individuals were transferred to hospitals with minor injuries.

“The chairs were flying in all directions; It was chaotic, ‚Äúsaid witness Elize Brown to channel CBS2 New York. “It was stressful. One did not know what was going to happen next”.

The chaos erupted between them long rows to enter to the bar and the crowd that is in the inside, added.

Police officers arrived at the scene shortly before midnight and found about two dozens of people fighting, said authorities.

Some of the hundreds of witnesses published videos on the internet that shows people beating, throwing chairs and brandishing poles of metal bands that delimit the pedestrian access just opposite the newly opened Fat Tuesday. Security guards try to end the brawl, and one of them gets hit in the neck while people struggles and gets on top of a latticed area.

The casino operator said on Saturday that will increase safety in the workplace and will work with police to analyze what happened and to avoid to repeat.

“Absolutely no place for this kind of behavior in our facilities”, said Resorts World in a statement.

Fat Tuesday, with headquarters in New Orleans, referred to Resorts World when they inquired him about what happened.

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