Driverless Cars: A Not So Distant Future That Costs Assimilate

Cars that handle Google solos are the most famous.

Besides the prototype of the Google-fame-takes are more than a dozen companies and universities worldwide that have been working on models of vehicles operating without a driver’s driving, and many of these have already traveled several miles test.

“The car you drive alone will be the first robot that most of us to use in our daily lives,” said Thilo Koslowski, vice president and chief analyst of the U.S. automotive consultancy Gartner.

According to Koslowski, the disposal of autonomous vehicles is much closer than it may seem, as it is expected that within two years, in 2016 - three manufacturers have already official date for the marketing of vehicles operating models are conductive.

With already very advanced technique, the major hurdle that must now confront these vehicles are the reluctance of much of the population, who have concerns about security and are not willing to cede control over the car.

“We asked if American drivers want a car that was driving alone and 65% said no,” admitted Koslowski, but noted that 35% acceptance for an invention that users have not yet tried is a “very high figure “admitted that this problem must be solved for profitable investments.

To address this issue and to strengthen consumer confidence in the product, the head of Driver Assistance Systems Audi USA, Joerg Schlinkheider, believes that efforts should focus on a single field: security.

“Indeed, the reason that the creation process is getting longer is because both are determined to make a car 100% safe and this takes time,” said Head of Audi.

“We have to address every situation, make sure that the vehicle will respond appropriately in all cases” clinched.

His colleague Luca Delgrossi, director of Driver Assistance Systems and Chassis USA Research Department of Mercedes-Benz revealed that the German brand has already proven model of vehicle, driving on highways, secondary roads and urban centers so.

“Will be implemented in phases: first vehicles traveling alone in heavy traffic will be launched; then cars who park alone; and then others that can autonomously and circular motorway, “said Head of Mercedes.

According Delgrossi, the idea is to ensure that, when placed on the market the vehicle driven all alone, this does not pose a significant impact to the user, who already have gradually been abandoning their reluctance.

On 28 April, Google unveiled its two dozen autonomous Lexus have already circulated, and therefore recorded 3D-maps to 700,000 miles (1,126,000 km), and circulating for several months in test mode by urban Mountain View (California, USA), where the company is headquartered.

To John McClure, spokesman section Advanced Technologies Driving on Intel technology multinational, people must realize that autonomous vehicles is a “better” in terms of safety.

“90% of all vehicle accidents are due to human error. This is not just something we do, but something we must do. We can save lives with this invention, “McClure said, remembering after the underlying software for these systems, in many cases, is available today.

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