Driving In America

How wonderful it is to decide which places you want to visit and how to get to that destination. In the great America it renting a car in America is often simple and inexpensive. United States have a well maintained road network. You do little reason to worry, but if you are well prepared!


Car in America

The easiest and also the cheapest way to advance your car rental in United States via the Internet.
To hire a car you need, it serves as a credit card deposit and other incidental expenses. A driving license is enough to rent a car. By American car rental sites you can generally for a nice price to rent a good car, these sites specialize in car rental in America. The roads in America are generally good, it is more up to you what you wish to rent. Desire for cars are you going for much conformity or luxury, or meet a compact car to you expectations? Note that the distances are big in America and you’re in the car long. Almost all cars in America are a machine.

Once at the rental desk in America to try some car rental companies you lubricate. A nicer and more expensive cars or more insurance Think in advance carefully about what kind of car you want to rent, and whether you have taken. All necessary insurance sometimes all you would say “no” to all those tempting offers at the rental counter can still get a bigger car with it when they have nothing else. Check the car properly for damage. Take your time for this or take pictures of the car.

Insurance in America

Make sure you are properly insured when you travel. Connect at least one Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance policy if you rent a car. This insurance covers damage or loss of the car. Sometimes this is even with your own insurance, so check this in advance first carefully. Ensure co-directors also well insured!

The roads in America

U.S. highways are often very wide and a four-to six-lane highway is quite normal. In America there is the rule “keep your lane”, “or stay in your lane. So you can continue to drive, but if you are not bothering others. The left lane so be careful, you can be too! Overtaken many large cities in America have one or more ring roads around and through the city. There are also several turns to find. Typically, a major high street this indicate whether major buildings along the route. This is not always useful if you do not know the city, but each turn is happy numbered. Many driveways is also indicated the direction North, South, East and West. The turns are not very long, so go on time all drive on the right so you can add out.

The “Center Left Turn Lane” is a kind of general lane with continuous yellow stripes separated. The center lane allows left beating traffic is able to slow down and wait until it can cross without hindering someone else.

Car speeds limits in America

In America, the distances in miles. 1 mile = 1.6 kilometers.
On urban roads, you should generally not drive faster than 25 to 45 miles per hour. On highways it can take up to a maximum of 75 miles are. Driving even harder than this, because the police join crackdown on speeders and there is enough police to find. Along the side of the road

Traffic rules in America

  • At American hybrids you can usually turn right, even if the lights are on red. If this is not the case, there is clearly a sign with “no turn on red”.
  • At intersections without traffic lights, stop signs but it is actually quite simple. Those who first arrive at the intersection may drive first. It is best to always stop at a stop sign; police want to order even always like to keep.
  • If lights do not work, they flash in America often red. In that case, you have the intersection to be regarded as an intersection with stop signs.
  • You may be a stationary school bus with flashing lights are not passing.
  • Pedestrians have priority at crosswalks, even if they are not marked on the road.

Fuel prices in America

The prices at the pump are shown in gallons (3,785 liters). The prices are a lot lower than in the Europe. Gasoline is 60% and diesel is 50% cheaper than in the Europe. Make sure you fill up on time, because it can be long before you come across a gas station back in remote areas.

Useful Tips for car driving in America

  • Never decide to go with alcohol. Behind the wheel do not leave bottles or cans of alcohol swinging in the car. If you get caught, you risk a prison sentence and a hefty fine.
  • In most gas stations or supermarkets you can already buy a cooler for $ 8. Convenient for travel!
  • The use of seat belts is compulsory.
  • Take a GPS with yourself that saves costs.
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